powerPAR Commercial 4ft LED Fixture

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Product Overview

The PowerPAR PPL44 Commercial 4' LED Fixture is a powerful, energy-efficient solution for lighting over hydroponics, propagation flats, and other applications. Precisely-designed optics, energy efficiency, ideal color temperature, and high output make the PPL44 an excellent choice for seed starting and general growing phases. 16,000 initial lumens with an efficiency rating of 120 lumens per watt. 132W. 6500K color temperature. 50,000-hour lifetime rating on diode array. 10' 120V, hardwired power cord. Ballast input voltage 120V/240V. Hangs easily with the included V-hook wire hangers.

• Powerful & efficient
• Great for seed starting and propagation
• 16,000 lumens
• 6500K color temperature
• 50,000 hours rated diode life


(No reviews yet) Write a Review