Axiom Harpin Protein 2 oz (10/cs)

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Product Overview

AXIOM is derived from naturally occurring harpin proteins, proven to stimulate the plant's natural growth
and defense systems. Harpin??, the active ingredient, has been proven to increase plant yields and overall plant health. Use Axiom to boost overall plant growth, vigor and production, and to aid in the management of disease.

• Increased plant yields: Average of 20% in vegetable crops
• Improved plant health: Reduction of nematodes by an average of 50%
• Accelerates plant development: Increase roots, fruit size, and fruit set

AXIOM can be used on all types of plants, including:
• Vegetables, fruiting trees, berries, vines, and herbs
• Roses & other flowers
• Floating and emergent aquatic plants in containerized water gardens and ornamental ponds
• All ornamental plants such as trees shrubs and turf



(No reviews yet) Write a Review