About Us

teeheeco-front-of-store.jpgHere at TeeHeeCo we strive for two things. The first is that we want to provide you with the products you want with the quality you deserve. If there is a product we don't carry, contact us and we will have it ordered for you. The second thing we strive for, is to deliver our products in timely manner. Most, if not all of our products are available for two-day delivery. We at TeeHeeCo believe that the industry is not doing enough for you the customer, but we are different. Everyday we will strive to show you that we are here to change that culture. So please take a look around our online store or visit us at our store in Columbus, Ohio. 

If there is anything we can do to make your experience better please let us know.


Happy Growing!
Donald Elsass
CEO of TeeHeeCo